Conscious Art Studios
Contemporary Folk and Visionary Art
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The artwork you find here is crafted by a creative husband and wife team from the Blue Ridge Mountains.
We use a great deal of symbolism in our art, inspired by nature, animal totems
, and their meanings.
Here you can find
Contemporary Folk Art Paintings, Animal Totem Art, Figurative Sculpture,  Art Dolls,
Gourd Art Bowls,  Glass Jewelry, Gourd Jewelry, Native Flute Music, Eastern Woodland Style Flutes,
Frame Drums and Ceremony Rattles crafted from Gourd.

Nature inspires much of our artwork, Drawing on the peace that we find there, our hope is that you feel
that same sense of tranquility. Animal totems are as prevalent in our pieces as they are in our daily lives.
We love sharing the symbolism and beauty that they bring.
We use as many natural and recycled materials in our art as possible, and we focus on our pieces telling
a story, to inspire and empower our collectors.

Please enjoy browsing our site, viewing our Art, and learning more about us and the workshops and art
residencies we offer.

Thank you for visiting ~ John and Jeanne Fry

You can see
our current inventories on Etsy . Each online gallery has their own unique artwork, so
please visit them all.
John and Jeanne Fry Artists
Art Prints
Fine Art America offers Prints of
Jeanne's paintings on Archival Paper,
Matted & Framed, on Canvas, and on
The Conscious Art Studios Etsy shop has
the majority of our Tribal Artworks:
Ceremonial Rattles, Clay Shakers, Original
Paintings, and Gourd Art
Conscious Art Studios on Etsy
You can read more about the
symbolism and inspirations
behind our different artworks
on our blogs here:
Click  Here to Visit the
Conscious Art Studios Blog

Conscious Art Studios Blog
Click Here to Visit the
Wisdom Keeper Art Doll

Wisdom Keeper Art Doll Blog
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Jeanne Fry Art Blog:

Jeanne Fry Art Blog
The Jeanne Fry Art Etsy Shop has Nature
inspired and Animal Totem Artwork, along
with artwork that honors the Divine
Jeanne Fry Art on Etsy
Ancient Wisdom Gourd Art Bowl
Mother Crow Gourd Art Doll by Jeanne Fry
You can also visit Jeanne's
Contemporary Folk and Visionary Art
that focuses on Goddess Themes,
Spiritual Growth, and Empowering Art
Jeanne Fry Art at Indiemade